• Teacher: You know you can't sleep in my class.
  • Me: I know, But maybe if you were just a little quieter, I could.


Hindi porke, alam mong nandyan lang siya lagi para sayo e magiging confident kana. Yung aawayin mo siya kasi alam mong di ka rin niya matitiis; Yung hahayaan mo siyang mag hintay sayo kasi alam mong sayong sayo lang siya. Yung pababayaan mo lang siya at hindi mo pinapakita yung halaga niya kasi alam mong kahit anong gawin mo okay lang sakanya. Wag mo na rin sanang hintayin na mawala siya at matauhan. Mag mahal ulit ng taong mas mag bibigay halaga sakanya.. Tao din yan, NAUUBUSAN DIN NG PASENSYA.. 

What should i do

I love him so much

I already knew giving too much love is bad. But I didn’t care anyways. I love him and I was supposed to let him feel the way I really feel. I don’t care if it is too much a long as he’s happy and satisfied… As long as we’re both okay and happy… I won’t stop doing that. 

But this LOVE tests me so much. It tests my patience and all. I nearly failed. But I am still able to do it. LOVING someone has its edge. And I am on that edge. I had already forgave him a hundred times and it was painful every time. 

Will I still able to forgive even though he already admitted that he has feelings for other girl which is his close friend and I suppose they’re always in each together’s company? Will I still be able to give him a chance, because he’s asking for it?? IT WAS WAY TOOO MUCH ALREADY </3 I ALREADY GAVE HIM HIS 6TH CHANCE AND NOW… 

Hoo. :( 


After weeks or even months of being inactive, I’ve been passing by my blog cos I really miss tumblring. I really had a hectic sched since I am always coming home late and still need to hws and those upcoming midterm papers. I hope you guys don’t mind. Sourire :) 


ROMWE Fading Destroyed Light-blue Denim Playsuit
ROMWE Pineapple Print cropped Blue Vest

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